Hello everyone! Today we will be reading books about shapes. You can introduce shapes in a fun way.

~Opening Song: Hello! from CD Early Childhood Classics by Hap Palmer

Hello, Hello, Hello and how are you?
I’m fine. I’m fine,
And I hope that you are too

~Opening Fingerplay: Baby’s Game

Touch your ears, pat your nose,
Tickle baby’s little toes.
Hide your eyes, where are you?
Baby’s playing Peek-A-Boo!

(We will repeat them every week, babies love repetition because it helps them to learn and because it’s familiar and comforting.)

~Action Rhyme: We Clap and Say Hello

We clap and say hello, we clap and say hello.

With our friends at storytime, we clap and say hello.

~Books that we will be reading are:

  A Square? A Rectangle! by: Tana Hoban

  What is a Triangle? by: Rebecca Kai Dotlich

  Tricky Triangles by: J.Jean Robertson

-Other songs, rhymes and fingerplays are:

I Can See a Circle Shape: (Action Song)

I can see a circle shape, circle shape,circle shape.

I can see a circle shape how about you?

-little square




-red heart

Flying: (Action Song) Babies should be lying on their backs for this activity. Use scarves and move them in the air above the babies.

Flying through the air, Oh what a sight.

The Butterfly’s wings have taken flight.

They fly up high, they fly up down low, (tickle child’s nose)

They fly around and around, before they go! (Tickle baby’s tummy)

Streching: (Action Rhyme)

When I stretch up, I feel so tall.

When I bend down, I feel so small.

Taller, taller, taller, taller.

Smaller, Smaller, Smaller, Smaller,

Into a tiny ball.

Where is…? (Fingerplay)

Where is triangle? Where is triangle?

Here I am. Here I am.

How are you today, sir? Very well, I thank you.

Run away. Run away.

(Circle, rectangle, square, diamond)

Bouncing Song:

Bounce and Bounce and Bounce and Stop.

Bounce and Bounce and Bounce and Stop.

Bounce and Bounce and Bounce and Stop.

Now bounce that baby right up to the top! (lift baby up)

-Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star (Fingerplay)

Twinkle, twinkle little star
How I wonder what you are.
Up above the world so high,
Like a diamond in the sky.
Twinkle, twinkle little star,
How I wonder what you are.

-Goodbye from CD Songs For Wiggleworms

Songs For Wiggleworms

Thank you everyone! See you next week!

~Miss Gelysmari


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