Family Storytime – 2/4/15 – Dinosaurs!

Get ready to ROAR!  This week is all about DINOSAURS!

Our Books:

     Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs (Barton) – Classic picture book which simply illustrates the different sizes and types of dinosaurs.

     How Do Dinosaurs Eat Their Food (Yolen) – A rhyming look at different dinosaurs and their table manners, which may be pretty close to how children behave.  Part of a fun series of books about manners for children.

     Edwina: The Dinosaur Who Didn’t Know She Was Extinct (Willems) – The story of Edwina the dinosaur, who is friends with (just about) everyone in town.  But what happens when one young boy insists that Edwina is supposed to be extinct?  Mo Willems is one of my favorite authors, and this story doesn’t disappoint his fans at all.

     Dinosaur Roar! (Strickland) – Dinosaurs of all shapes and sizes are on their way to a picnic.  This book introduces some great vocabulary to toddlers, plus gives dinosaurs fans some great pictures to enjoy.

Action Rhyme – Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs lived long ago.
Some walked.     (stomp feet)
Some swam.     (pretend to swim)
Some flew, you knew.     (flap arms like flying)
Some were big.     (hold hands high)
Some were small.     (hold hands low)
Some were GIGANTIC.     (stretch arms up high)
And very tall!

Song – We are the Dinosaurs

Laurie Berkner is a storytime favorite!  We have several of her CDs in our circulating collection – check some out and enjoy the rest of her songs too!

Try at Home!

Head over to Pinterest for more dinosaur fun.  As always, there are lots of great extension ideas – but more importantly, there are some great SNACKS!  Dinosaur guacomole!!!!

Dinosaur guacamole!


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