Time for Twos – 1/29/15 – Families

This week we are talking about families.  By this time, your child understands the concept of “family” very well, but around this time, some families start to change (usually when a new baby joins the family).  So we will explore how a toddler is different from a baby.  Two-year-olds love to see themselves as “big” – so whether they are a big sibling or saying goodbye to diapers, twos can assert how much they have grown.  Of course, as big as they think they have become (and no matter how big they may look next to a newborn baby), twos are still very young, and need just as many cuddles and snuggles as they did as a baby!

Our Books:

     My Baby & Me (Reiser) – Story told from the point-of-view of an older toddler, comparing and contrasting babies and toddlers/preschoolers.

      Mommy, Carry Me Please! (Cabrera) – This book features mother-child relationships between a number of different animals, ending with a human child and mother.  If you haven’t already, put Jane Cabrera on your list of must-read authors for your little one!

Song – Where is Thumbkin?

This song is a classic!  We’ll replace the names of the fingers with the names of family members.

Try at Home:

Head over to my Pinterest page for this week’s extension activities.  I love these adorable family member stick puppets.  I’d love them even more if photographs were used for the faces!  Let me know what you try!

A stick puppet family - so easy to personalize to go with your family.  You could even use photographs for the faces!


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