Lapsit Storytime – 1/29/15 – Families

This week we are talking about something close to every baby’s heart – family!  Family is everything to a little one – caretaker, personal chef, chauffeur, playmate, friend, comforter, doctor, and more.  It’s likely that some of your little one’s first words will center on family members – MaMa, DaDa, or even a sibling’s name.  Families are important, and each family is unique!

Our Books:

     The Family Book (Parr) – A celebration of all types of families, with bold illustrations typical of Todd Parr’s inclusive books.

  How Do You Make A Baby Smile? (Sturges) – Animals named after family members try to make the baby laugh, which Big Sister finally achieves.  Told in a charming rhyming text.

Bounce Rhyme – Did You Ever See A Baby?

To the tune of “Did You Ever See A Lassie?”

Did you ever see a baby,
a baby, a baby?
Did you ever see a baby,
go this way and that?
Go this way, and that way,
And this way, and that way?
Did you ever see a baby,
Go this way and that?

Nursery Rhyme – Jack and Jill

I have always assumed that Jack and Jill were brother and sister, so they are fun addition to our storytime this week.

Try at Home:

Head over to my Pinterest page for this week’s extension activities.  The one I love for babies is family magnets!  Turn photographs of family members into magnets for your kitchen – what a fun way to “visit” with family (especially if they are long distance) every day!

These magnets are such fun!  And are a perfect way to let your little one "see" family members every day!


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