Time for Twos – 1/22/15 – Under the Sea!

The weather may be cold above ground, but it’s delightful UNDER THE SEA!

Toddlers and preschoolers love all kinds of animals, but there is something almost magical about animals that live under the water!

Our Books:

     Secret Seahorse (Blackstone) – Beautiful fabric illustrations accompany a charming rhyming story of a seahorse’s day under the sea.  Toddlers will enjoy finding the hidden seahorse on each page.

     Hooray for Fish! (Cousins) – Little fish takes the reader on an undersea tour.  Bright, vivid illustrations and a story told in rhyme make this book enjoyable.

Action Rhyme – All of the Fish Swimming in the Water

All of the fish are swimming in the water,
Swimming in the water,
Swimming in the water.
All of the fish are swimming in the water,
Bubble, bubble, bubble, bubble – SPLASH!

Other verses – Great Big Fish, Little Bitty Fish, Very Fast Fish, Really Slow Fish, etc.

Activity – Mommy & Baby Matching Game

We’ll be using one of my felt boards to match baby fish to their mommies.  Matching games are great for toddlers.  This particular game will match colors.  To reinforce this concept at home, try printing out this cute Mommy & Baby Farm Animal game.  Be sure to play with your child – go over animal sounds, vocabulary (naming the animals), and talk about how the animals are alike or different.  These are all great early literacy skills!

Try at home:

As always, my Pinterest page offers lots of ideas for extension activities all about fish and other creatures who live under the sea.  Give some a try, like this fishing game for toddlers:

DIY toddler fishing game


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