Lapsit Storytime – Thursday 1/15/15 – Winter & Snow

Welcome to Lapsit Storytime!

Just a few quick notes on being successful in our storytime program:

  • Arrive on time – our program is designed for infant & toddler attention spans, so arriving late means you may miss a large portion of the program.
  • Participate – Lapsit programs are fun because caregivers and little ones get to interact!  Play with your child during storytime!  When they see you singing, dancing, and listening, they follow along.  Practice the rhymes and songs while in storytime so that you remember them throughout the week.
  • Get up and go – There is no expectation for little ones to sit quietly and attentively during storytime!  The kids are free to get up and move about the storytime area.  However, if your child becomes disruptive (climbing on furniture, negative interaction with other children, treating storytime materials inappropriately, etc), please remove your child from the storytime area.  Take a few minutes to refocus, and then rejoin the group.

This week, our storytime is about Winter & Snow.  Brrrr!

Your little one may not understand the seasons yet, because they may not remember experiencing winter last year.  This means you get to have fun reintroducing winter and snow to them!  The seasons are fun for little senses – let your baby feel ice cubes (and explain that is COLD), or give them a sip of hot chocolate (and explain that is HOT).  Talk to your little one while dressing them to go outdoors – explain we wear a hat to keep our head warm, a scarf to keep our neck warm, boots to keep our toes warm, etc.  Not only does this teach about the weather, but it also is great for vocabulary!

Our Books:

     I See Winter (Ghigna) – Children experience typical winter scenes.

  Under My Hood I Have A hat (Kuskin) – Sweet poem about getting dressed to play in the snow.

Bounce Rhyme – Peas Porridge Hot

This is a classic rhyme which has a great rhythm, but it also provides good opposites vocabulary in “hot” and “cold.”  Perfect for talking about winter!

Peas porridge hot.
Peas porridge cold.
Peas porridge in the pot,
Nine days old.

Some like it hot.
Some like it cold.
Some like it in the pot,
Nine days old.

Nursery Rhyme – Old Mother Goose

This nursery rhyme also has excellent vocabulary words for your little one, like “wander” and “gander.” 

Old Mother Goose
when she wanted to wander,
Would fly through the air
on a very fine gander.

Click over to my Pinterest page, where I have lots of snow-themed activities, crafts, and recipes for you (Let me know if you try any of them – I love to hear about how you extend our storytime theme each week!).


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