Lapsit Storytime – Thursday 11/20/14 – Peekaboo!

Does your baby enjoy  playing “peekaboo?”  It’s one of the first games your baby will play, and probably is their favorite.  Our stories this week are all about playing “peekaboo!”


Bounce Rhyme – Pop! Goes the Weasel

All around the cobbler’s bench,
the monkey chased the weasel.
The monkey thought it all was fun,
Pop!  Goes the weasel.

Nursery Rhyme – Little Boy Blue

My Pinterest page has a lot of ideas of how to play different peekaboo games with your baby, as well as some cute crafts.

This week is our final storytime for 2014.  Please join us for our holiday programs this December.  Our regular storytime program will resume mid-January, with registration starting right after the new year.  See you then – and happy holidays!

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