Time for Twos Storytime – Thursday 11/6/14 – Colors!

Can you believe we’ve had 6 weeks of storytime already?  Time flies when you are having fun at the library!

There is a lot of repetition and overlap in our storytime programs, and that’s for a good reason.  Toddlers learn best by repeating things!  Has your toddler ever asked you to read the same book (or sing the same song, or watch the same movie…) over and over and over again?

This week our focus is on colors, but we’ve been identifying colors nearly every week (have you noticed that we’ve been adding new colors to our Little Mouse game each week?).  So while we will focus on colors this week, we will still repeat other themes too (like counting and numbers).

Our colorful stories this week are:


We will be singing Five Green and Speckled Frogs, as well as  “rewrites” of classic children’s songs.  We will change the words to help reinforce our color identification.

Where is Blue Man?
To the tune of “Where is Thumbkin?”

Where is Blue Man?  Where is Blue Man?
Here he is!  Here he is!
He is very blue today.
Clap your hands for blue today!
Wave goodbye!  Wave goodbye!

Continue with other colors – Red Man, Yellow Man, Green Man

Driving Around
To the tune of “Ten Little Indians”

Driving around in my yellow school bus.
Driving around in my yellow school bus.
Driving around in my yellow school bus.
Beep, beep, beep, beep, beep.

Other verses – Rumble around in my bright red truck, Chug around in my long blue train, Zoom around in my big white airplane.

And finally, we will get out the colorful scarves this week!  The scarves are a great way to help color identification, and they are just so fun to play with too!

Don’t forget to visit our Pintrest page – I have pinned so many fun and colorful activities there!


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