Lapsit Storytime – Thursday 11/6/14 – Colors

Colors!  Colors!  Colors!

This week we are reading all about colors!  Colors are something we’ve reviewed throughout most of our storytimes, but this week we will really focus on colors.

Our books this week are:


Our bounce rhyme this week is based on Raffi’s song “Little Red Wagon.”

We will be singing a “rewrite” of “Where is Thumbkin?” which reinforces our colors.

Where is Blue Man?
Tune of Where is Thumbkin?

Where is Blue Man?  Where is Blue Man?
Here he is!  Here he is!
He is very blue today.
Clap your hands for blue today.
Wave goodbye!  Wave goodbye!

We will also be using colorful scarves for playtime today.  The babies will love the different colors – as well as playing peek-a-boo and catch!

I have lots of information on my Pintrest page – activities, crafts and more scarf play!

Have a colorful week!  ~Miss Lisa


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