Preschool Storytime – Down on the Farm

Opening Song – So Happy You’re Here – Hap Palmer

Book – The Cow loves Cookies – Karma Wilson – While all the other animals on the farm enjoy eating their regular food, the cow chooses to eat the one thing that she loves best.

Fingerplay –

This Little Cow

This little cow eats grass, (wiggle thumb)
This little cow eats hay. (wiggle index finger)
This little cow drinks water ,(wiggle middle finger)
This little cow runs away. (wiggle ring finger)
And this little cow does nothing at all (wiggle little finger) but lie in the field all day.

Book – Maisy’s Morning on the Farm – Lucy Cousins – Morning is a busy time on Maisy’s farm. There are chickens and pigs to feed, and the cow to milk. After the chores are finished, there’s just one more thing to do—eat a yummy breakfast!

Flannelboard -Five Pigs so Squeaky Clean

The rhyme is sung to the tune of “5 green and speckled frogs”:

5 pigs so squeaky clean,

cleanest pigs you’ve ever seen,

Wanted to go outside and play [shout: IN THE MUD!]

1 jumped into the mud,

landed with a great big THUD! [clap or slap leg]

now there are 4 pigs squeaky clean [oink oink]

3 pigs so squeaky clean…etc.


Book – Big Chickens Fly the Coop – Leslie Helakoski – The four big chickens who are afraid of everything are now feeling all cooped up, so they set off to find the farmhouse. Where is it? the hapless hens wonder. First they find a doghouse, then they run into a tractor, and then they stomp into the barn. Who knew the farmhouse was right under their beaks the whole time?

Book – I Spy on the Farm – Edward Gibbs – Down on the farm there are many colorful and noisy animals to spy. Look through the spy hole and use the clues to guess which one is next. Then turn the page to reveal the animal. Watch as young children quickly become engaged in the game — joining in with the animal noises, learning colors, and eventually recognizing the letters.

Song – Farm Sounds-  Sung to the “Wheels on the Bus”

The cow in the barn goes moo, moo, moo,

Moo, moo, moo, Moo, moo, moo


All around the farm.

The pig in the pen goes oink, oink, oink…….

The hens in the coop go cluck……..

The lambs on the hill go baa……

The ducks on the pond go quack…….

Closing Song –Shout and Whisper – Hap Palmer

-Miss Ellen


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