Toddler Time – Wednesday 9/10

Welcome to Toddler Time, a special time for infants, toddlers, and their caregivers.  This time is set aside for our youngest library users to engage in an age-appropriate story and song/rhyme/activity.  We hope that you will enjoy the special time with your toddler, and then stay for Family Storytime at 6:30 PM.

This week, we will be reading Who Says Woof? by John Butler

This is simple repetitive story introduces the names of animals and the sounds they make.  Try reading a book like this with your child – point to the animal and say it’s name and sound, like “That is a dog.  He says ‘woof!'”  As your child gets older, she can begin to imitate the animal sounds, and eventually they will be able to say the animals’ names too.

We will also sing one of my favorite songs, When Ducks Get Up in the Morning.  This is another fun way to reinforce animal sounds.  The librarian in this clip uses puppets, and I will too!  Stuffed animals are another great way to do this activity.

Mother Goose rhymes are an important component of early literacy.  The rhymes actually help young ears differentiate among sounds, and allow them to decipher sounds that make up words.  This week, we will sing Baa Baa Black Sheep as our Mother Goose rhyme.




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