Family Storytime – Wednesday 9/10 – Animal Sounds

Welcome to Family Storytime!  This week we are reading about animals and the sounds they make.

Our books this week are:


The Cow Who Clucked – Denise Fleming

La Cucharacha Martina – Daniel Morton

Dog’s Noisy Day – Emma Dodd

And we’ll be dancing to Susie Tallman’s La Cucharacha too!

One thing I like to do in storytime is “rewrite” songs that we already know with new words that support a specific theme.  This week we will sing “Did You Ever Hear a Lion?” to the tune of  “Did You Ever See A Lassie?” 

Did you ever hear a lion, a lion, a lion?
Did you ever hear a lion?
It goes just like this!
It ROARS and it ROARS,
and ROARS and it ROARS.
Did you ever hear a lion?
It sounds just like this!

Continue with other animals and their sounds: Monkeys (oooh-ahhh), Snakes (ssssssss), Puppy (woof),  kitty (meow), Frog (ribbit), Sheep (baaaaa).

Visit my Pinterest page for examples of activities, games, books, songs, and crafts that extend our storytime theme throughout the week.  How many can you try at home?


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