Lapsit Storytime – Farm Fun – Thursday, April 3, 2014

This week we are going down on the farm for some fun.  The farm theme is a great way to review animals, animal sounds, colors (what color is the pig?), numbers (count the chickens.), and to introduce letters (H-H-H-Horse starts with H.)!  I have quite a few farm activities pinned on Pinterest – try creating your own simple farm animal sounds matching game!

Our books:

  Who Says Woof? (John Butler) – Children will learn the names of animals as well as the sounds they make in this beautifully illustrated guessing-game story.

  Funny, Fuzzy, Furry Farm (Dawn Sirett) – This hands-on story will introduce farm animals and allow children to feel different textures on each page.  These hands-on books are excellent for letting your child have a truly interactive experience with a book.  It may be a little difficult for everyone to spend a lot of time with the different pieces in our large group setting, but we’ll give it a try!

10 Galloping Horses (Bounce Rhyme)

10 galloping horses came to town.
Some were white and some were brown.
5 went up,
and 5 went down.
10 galloping horses came to town.

More books about the farm can be found in our library collection.


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