Do you miss us?

Because we miss you!

We’ve had a small break from our regular storytime programs, and Miss Lisa & Miss Ellen miss seeing all your smiling faces!

So let’s have some more fun!!!!!

We are hosting a Family Storytime series, starting next Wednesday and running through the end of May.  You may choose either Wednesday mornings @ 10:00 AM (with Miss Ellen) or Wednesday evenings @6:30 PM (with Miss Lisa).

And we’re so excited to introduce you to some of our favorite authors – both some classic favorites as well as some new names.


First up on April 30th – BOB SHEA!  Check out his website for information about his books and illustrations.  And get ready for some fun!


Lapsit Storytime – Ducks – Thursday, April 10, 2014

What a bittersweet day – it’s our final Lapsit Storytime for the year.  Your babies have grown so much since our first storytime in September, and I am so proud of them (and you too, parents/caregivers – you have done a fantastic job supporting early literacy!).

Our books about ducks are:

  I Kissed the Baby! (Mary Murphy) – There’s a new baby in the barnyard!  Stark black and white illustrations will capture the attention of even the youngest baby.

Five Little Ducks (Ivan Bates) – Sweet illustrated version of a classic children’s song.

Jack-A-Dandy (Bounce Rhyme)

Handy Spandy, Jack-A-Dandy
Loves plum cake and sugar candy.
He bought some at the grocer’s shop,
And out he came hop, hop, hop.

Thank you again for attending Lapsit Storytime.  An abbreviated Family Storytime (for all ages) will be offered from April 30 – May 28 – Wednesdays at either 10:00 AM or 6:30 PM.  No registration is required.

Summer Reading Club information will be available soon too.  Plan on visiting the library frequently with your baby this summer  – lots of prizes and fun programs for your whole family!

Time for Twos – Ducks – Friday, April 11, 2014

Congratulations!  As of today, your child is a graduate of the Time for Twos program.  Today is the final session of regular storytime, and I will miss having you all in class!

For more storytime opportunities, consider our drop-in Family Storytime program, which will meet Wednesdays (either 10:00 AM or 6:30 PM) from April 30-May 28.

Our books this week:

  Have You Seen My Duckling (Nancy Tafuri) – Mother duck worries when she is not able to find one of her ducklings.  Tafuri’s trademark detailed illustrations will engage both children and adults.

  Five Little Ducks (Ivan Bates) – Sweetly illustrated version of a classic children’s song.

My Hands (Action Rhyme)

On my head my hands I place.
On my shoulders, on my face.
On my hips, and at my side.
Then behind me they will hide.
I will hold them up so high.
Quickly make my fingers fly.
Hold them out in front of me.
Quickly count them one, two, three!

I hope to see you at Family Storytime, or just when you visit the library (be sure to stop by and say hello!).  Our Summer Reading Club information will be available soon – lots of fun planned for kids of all ages.

Preschool Storytime- Ducks – April 9, 2014

Hi everyone! This week we will talk about ducks.

Opening song – So Happy You’re Here – by Hap Palmer

Book – “Mr. Duck Means Business” – by Tammi Sauer – Mr. Duck enjoys a quiet morning routine on his private pond every day until other animals mistakenly think he has invited them to join him.



Song/Activity- We are Little Ducklings – (Tune: I’m a Little Teapot”)

We are little ducklings in a row

(Children stand in a line with their hands tucked in their armpits and their rear ends sticking out!)

We flap our wings and away we go.

(Children flap their elbows and take three steps in time to the music)


Waddle, Waddle, flap flap,

(Waddle – On each “waddle,” – children swing their rear ends first to the left and then to the right)

(Flap – On each “flap,” children take one step and flap their elbows.

Quack, quack, quack.

(Quack – On each “quack,” the children look up and quack loudly)

Waddle, waddle, flap, flap,

Quack, quack, quack.

When our mother calls us we all dash.

(Children shuffle forward rapidly, flapping elbows)

We jump in the pond, with a splash, splash, splash.

(Children jump in place, and clap hands on each “Splash.”

Waddle, waddle, flap, flap,

Quack, quack, quack,

Waddle, waddle,  flap, flap.

Quack, quack, quack.

Book – “Quack, Daisy, Quack!” – by Jane Simmons – On a visit to Aunt Lily, Daisy, the duckling, and her brother drive off their playmates with noisy quacking, but when they lose sight of Mama, Daisy must use her loudest voice to call for help.



Book/Song – “Five Little Ducks” by Ivan Bates – When five little ducks head out for a walk on a beautiful spring day, their nervous mother is excited when they return as she is suddenly presented with five beautiful gifts from her thoughtful brood, including a lucky four-leaf clover and a juicy berry.



Book – “Do Like a Duck Does!” by Judy Hindley -By challenging a hairy stranger to imitate the behavior of herself and her ducklings, a mother duck proves that he is a fox and not a duck.


Book/Song – Little White Duck- By Walt Whippo – Based on the song of the same title, a little white duck causes a commotion in its pond.


Song – Six Little Ducks – by Kimbo

Six Little Ducks CD by kimbo (kim-9147cd)


Closing Song – Shout and Whisper  by Hap Palmer


shout and whisper hap palmer

-Miss Ellen

Family Storytime – Ducks – Wednesday, April 9, 2014

This week is the final session of our Spring Storytime.  But never fear!  More storytime to come soon!  We’ll be taking a 2-week break from programs, but Family storytime will return the week of April 28th (and will run through the end of May).  Family storytime will continue to be offered at the 6:30 time slot with Miss Lisa, or at 10:00 am with Miss Ellen.  The same program will be offered at both time slots.  Hope to see you there!

Our books about Ducks:

  The Duckling Gets A Cookie!? (Mo Willems) – The duckling asks for a cookie, and gets one.  The pigeon wishes the same would happen for him.

  Duck in the Truck (Jez Alborough) – Duck’s truck gets stuck.  How will he get out?

  Little White Duck (Walt Whippo) – Classic children’s song brightly illustrated.

My Hands (Action Rhyme)

On my head my hands I place.
On my shoulders, on my face.
On my hips and at my side,
Then behind me they will hide.
I will hold them up so high.
Quickly make my fingers fly.
Hold them out in front of me.
Quickly clap them, one, two, three!

The Ducks on the Bus (The Wheels on the Bus)

The ducks on the bus go quack, quack, quack.

The ducks on the bus go flap, flap, flap.

The ducks on the bus go waddle, waddle, waddle.

The ducks on the bus go quack, quack, quack.

Stop by Pinterest for some adorable duck crafts and snacks, including these cute duck feet:

I Wish that I Had Duck Feet!

Thanks so much for attending our regular storytime.  Hope to see you at our drop-in storytime starting April 30th, and keep your eyes open for Summer Reading Club information soon.

Family Storytimes!

Some of you storytime veterans may have noticed we made some slight changes to our storytime lineup this year.  Instead of offering just fall and spring sessions, we have changed to a fall, winter, spring calender.  This brought you 6 additional storytimes (which we needed after that long, crazy winter).

One comment we received from YOU (our storytime families) is that too much time passed from the end of spring storytime until our summer programs begin in June.  And we agree!  So in addition to the extra sessions we already put in place, we are also offered a slightly abbreviated storytime session in May this year.

Family Storytime will be offered on Wednesdays – either at 10:00 AM with Miss Ellen or 6:30 with Miss Lisa.  Family Storytime is a “drop-in” program, meaning you don’t need to sign up!  It’s open to the whole family – so your toddler can attend with older siblings.  Family Storytime is slightly different from our regular storytimes (since it’s open to various ages), but it’s fun for everyone!

Since the program itself is a little different, we are able to do themes we haven’t tried in other programs.  I am so excited to be introducing a new author/illustrator for each week of Family Storytime.  It’s been a lot of fun choosing a variety of authors and books, and picking fun activities and songs to go with each one.

So please join us for Family Storytime this spring!  Wednesdays at either 10:00 AM or 6:30 PM.

April 30th – The stories and illustrations of BOB SHEA

May 7th – The stories of KEVIN HENKES

May 14th – The stories and illustrations of JAN THOMAS

May 21st – The stories and illustrations of LOIS EHLERT

May 28th – The stories of AMY KROUSE ROSENTHAL

~Miss Lisa

Time for Twos Storytime – Farm Fun – Friday, April 4, 2014

Howdy!  This week we are having fun on the FARM!

Our books:

Maisy’s Morning on the Farm (Lucy Cousins) – Our mouse friend Maisy helps out on the farm.

  Does a Cow Say Boo? (Judy Hindley) – Do you know?  Does a cow say boo?  Toddlers and preschoolers will enjoy interacting with the questions posed in this colorful story.

This is the Way We Plant the Seeds (Action Song)

This is the way we plant the seeds,
plant the seeds, plant the seeds.
This is the way we plant the seeds,
While working on the farm.

– This is the way we gather eggs.
– This is the way we milk the cows.
– This is the way we drive the tractor.

I have lots of fun activities for you to try on Pinterest!  Try the free printable Old Mac Donald’s Farm activity!

Our library collection has so many great farm stories – take a look at them here.