Lapsit Storytime – Crunchy Munchy – Thursday, March 13, 2014

Our storytime this week is all about FOOD!  Yum!

Our books:

  Maisy Goes Shopping (Lucy Cousins) – Our friend Maisy goes to the store to buy groceries.  What kind of food will she buy?

  Yummy Yucky (Leslie Patricelli) – This adorable baby-centered story discusses things that are good to eat, and things that are not good to eat.

Our rhymes this week are simple nursery rhymes that you may already be familiar with – Pat-A-Cake and Peas Porridge Hot.  These classic rhymes are easy to incorporate into your daily routine, but teach so many important concepts like rhymes (phonological awareness).

Food is a great way for you to introduce your baby to new and exciting things.  New foods, tastes, and textures are important things for your little one to experience.  And playing with food is just as important as eating it!

So have a little fun with these great food ideas from Pinterest.  And follow them up with a splash in the bathtub!


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