What to do when there’s no storytime – Part 2

No storytime this week (we are busy planning our spring programs!).  If you haven’t signed up for the Spring Session, be sure to call the library and register as storytime begins again next week.

This is the second installment of  “what to do when there’s no storytime.”  February 27th is International Polar Bear Day, so here are some polar bear stories, activities, and rhymes for you to try on your own.

Picture Books

Big bear,  little bear (Bedford)

A splendid friend indeed (Bloom)

The three snow bears (Brett)

Little polar beer (De Beer)

Little polar bear, take me home! (De Beer)

Forever (Dodd)

Polar star (Grindley)

Hush little polar bear (Mack)

Waiting for ice (Markle)

Polar bear, polar bear, what do you hear? (Martin)

Baby polar bear’s snow day (Teitelbaum)

Polar bear morning (Thompson)

Polar bear night (Thompson)

Mama, why? (Wilson)


Knut: How one little polar bear captivated the world (599.786 KNUT)

The polar bear family book (599.786 LARS)


“Polar bear, polar bear, turn around,
Polar bear, polar bear, touch the ground,
Polar bear, polar bear, show your shoe,
Polar bear, polar bear, that will do.
Polar bear, polar bear, bend your knee,
Polar bear, polar bear, climb this tree,
Polar bear, polar bear, make a frown,
Polar bear, polar bear, sit right down.

Polar bear, polar bear, stand on your toes,
Polar bear, polar bear, touch your nose,
Polar bear, polar bear, wink your eye,
Polar bear, polar bear, say good-bye”


There are lots of polar bear activities at this website.

Try some of these paper plate crafts ideas. 

Lots of great ideas at this website, but I really like the textured polar bear picture made with coconut.

Have fun trying these activities.  Remember to take pictures to show me what you tried!  Or post your photos on the library’s Facebook page.

Storytime starts again next week – see you soon!


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