Time for Twos – Things that Go – Friday, February 21, 2014

A few notes about storytime:  This is our last week of the winter storytime session.  Miss Lisa is taking a week off to plan the next round of fun storytimes!  Our spring session will start on March 7th (in one week) – you can register for that session during our storytime this week (or give the library a call to sign up over the phone – 610-820-2400 ext. 4).

Our books this week:

I Love Trains (Philemon Sturges) – Little train fans will enjoy this colorful train story, featuring a young boy watching a train from his window.

  Beep Beep (Anne Miranda) – This playful and colorful book nicely illustrates a young child’s imagination while playing with toy cars and trucks.

Our action rhyme this week is a favorite of mine (and the kids!):

I am a choo choo train,
chugging down the track.
Now I’m going forward,
now I’m going back.
Now the bell is ringing,
hear the whistle blow.
What a lot of noise I make,
everywhere I go!

My Pinterest page has a lot of fun activities, crafts, and snacks all about things that go – check it out!

See you in March!


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