Lapsit Storytime – Things that Go – Thursday, February 20, 2014

This is our last week of storytime for the winter.  But never fear – you can register for the spring storytime session starting this week.  We will have next week “off” and resume storytime on March 6th.  Be sure to visit the library even when we don’t have a scheduled program.  I have a special blog post scheduled for next week to give you some pointers on what to do when we don’t have storytime.  Of course, our family-friendly play space will be available for you to use during your visit.

Our books this week:

  I Am A Backhoe (Anna Grossnickle Hines) – A young boy pretends to be various construction vehicles.

  Minerva Louise and the Red Truck (Janet Morgan Stoeke) – Everyone’s favorite silly chicken is back for another adventure.  Babies and toddlers love how silly Minerva Louise can be – and really love when they are smarter than her!

Two Little Boats (Bounce Rhyme)

Two little boats are on the sea
All is calm as calm can be.
Gently the wind begins to blow,
Two little boats rock to and fro.
Loudly the wind begins to shout,
Two little boats are tossed about!
Gone is the wind, the storm, the rain.
Two little boats sail on again.

Two Little Choo Choo Trains (Nursery Rhyme)

Two little choo choo trains
Puffing down the track.
One is red, the other is black.
Chug away red, Chug away black.
Choo Choo red!  Choo Choo black!

Don’t forget to check Pinterest for activities, crafts, and snacks about things that go!


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