Cats and Dogs – Preschool Storytime

Welcome to our second week of story time.  We had a great turnout for story time last week.  This week we will be having stories about cat and dogs.  The children really like this story time because they like to share stories about the pets they have at home.  We start out with our opening song by Hap Palmer “So Happy You’re Here Today”  We start out with our first book called “Oh, Tucker!” By Steven Kroll.  It’s about a dog who causes chaos as he bounds through the house, knocking things over.  His owners find it difficult to scold him because he is such a nice dog.  TuckerNext we will do a fingerplay called “Five Little Puppies”

Five Little Puppies
Five little puppies were playing in the sun.
(hold up hands,fingers extended)
This one saw a rabbit, and he began to run. (bend down first finger)
This one saw a butterfly,and he began to race. (bend down second finger)
This one saw a cat,and he began to chase. (bend down third finger)
This one tried to catch his tail,and he went round and round. (bend down fourth finger)
this one was so quiet,he never made a sound. (bend down thumb)

The second book I will do is called “Kitten’s First Full Moon” By Kevin Henkes.  It’s about a kitten who mistakes the full moon for a bowl of milk and ends up tired, wet and hungry trying to reach it .Product DetailsNext we will do a flannelboard story called “The Three Little Kittens” a Mother Goose Rhyme.  The children are eager to see how the rhyme unfolds and what happens to the kittens.

Product DetailsThe third book “Bark George” by Jules Feiffer the children enjoy listening to.  It’s about a dog named George who says “Meow” and his mother takes him to the vet and the vet reaches deep down inside George and much to everyone’s surprise, pulls out a cat, and many other animals.

Product Details

Next we will wiggle around with  a song called “If You’re a Kitty and You Know It”

If you’re a kitty and you know it, say meow.

If you’re  a kitty and you know , say meow.

If you’re a kitty and you know it, then your face will surely show it.

If you’re a kitty and you know it, say meow.

Lick your paws, show your claws, swish your tail, do all four.

The last book that I will read will be “The Doghouse” by Jan Thomas.  It’s about Cow, Pig, Duck, and Mouse who are afraid to get their ball that rolled into dog’s house, but when they enter his house they are pleasantly surprised.  It is a very entertaining and suspenseful story.doghouse We end our story time with our closing song by Hap Palmer called “Shout and Whisper”

Product Details

– Miss Ellen


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