Family Storytime – Magic! – Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Abracadabra!  This week is all about MAGIC!

Our MAGICAL books this week are:

  Babar the Magician (Laurent de Brunhoff) – Babar the elephant is a classic children’s character.  Perhaps you read some Babar books when you were a child?  I certainly did!  Children will really enjoy watching Babar perform his magic show.

Foxy (Emma Dodd) – Emma Dodd is another author that you and your children should get to know.  Her books are bright and colorful and fun!  Kids will love this silly story, with Foxy using his special, silly magic to help his friend Emily feel better about starting school.  Not only are them some silly moments to enjoy, but there is also a great message about helping a friend feel better too.

  The Magic Hat (Mem Fox) – Mem Fox is another one of the authors you should be reading to your child.  This book is a fun, magical story that comes to life with the whimsical illustrations.  There are rhymes.  There are great pictures.  There is a wizard.  What’s not to like?

We have a MAGICAL action rhyme this week too:

Magic Finger

Magic finger in the air.
Magic finger in my hair.
Magic finger on my hip.
Magic finger on my lips.
Magic finger up real high.
Magic, magic in the sky.

Stop over at my Pintrest page for some magic related crafts, activities and snack ideas!


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