Lapsit Storytime – Fall – Thursday, October 24, 2013

Seasons and holidays are such an exciting time for your babies.  For some, this may be their first fall!  For others, it’s the first time they can really notice the bright golds and oranges, or touch the crunchy leaves.  Take the time to really let your baby experience the new season – with all 5 senses!

TOUCH – Let your baby touch crunchy leaves, or feel the cool, frosty window in the morning.  My Pintrest page has several “sensory” activities pinned to give you a good idea of how to introduce new items to little hands.

HEAR – While outside, allow your baby time to listen to the geese honking as they fly overhead.  Explain what is making that sound.  “Those are geese flying!  Geese are birds.  They have wings.  Hear how loud they are!”  Fall is a great time to LISTEN as you take a walk.  Can you hear the leaves?  The wind?  A football game?

SEE – The colors of fall are truly beautiful.  Show your baby a tree with colorful leaves.  Compare it to one that is still green or has already lost all of it’s leaves.  Point out the different apples in the grocery store – there are green, yellow, pink and red ones!

SMELL – Fall is a great time for smells!  Apples, pumpkins and other fall harvest foods smell wonderful while they are being prepared.  Fall nights are filled with the smoky scents coming from neighbor’s fireplaces.

TASTE – Don’t forget those little tastebuds!  Your baby may have been too young to try some fall foods last year (or not even born yet!).  If they are old enough, allow them to taste apples, apple cider, pumpkin pie, butternut squash or pumpkin bread.  And don’t forget the sweet treats that go along with Halloween!

Our books this week:



Many of our fall-themed books are kept in our “holiday” collection (for Halloween or Thanksgiving).  These are not kept within our regular collection, but kept all together in one easy-to-find location for you.  Ask a library staff member to help you locate the holiday books if you are unsure of where they are.

2 thoughts on “Lapsit Storytime – Fall – Thursday, October 24, 2013

  1. I love how you break up your storytime into senses. That is a great way to continue thinking about it after they leave your storytime!

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