Lapsit Storytime – Mother Goose – Thursday, October 17, 2013

Each week, we have used at least one Mother Goose or nursery rhyme in our storytime, and for good reason.  We know that these seemingly simple rhymes help babies to understand how the English language works – there are sounds (called “phonemes”) that make up words that make up sentences.  Rhymes are easy to remember and fun to say.  They introduce the babies to new vocabulary words.  Basically, they are IMPORTANT in your baby’s pre-literacy development!  You can read more about the benefits in this article.

Our stories this week:


There are many websites devoted to Mother Goose and nursery rhymes, but I really enjoy the layout of this one.  It provides the text of the rhyme as well as activities to go with some rhymes.

In our library, you can find more Mother Goose books in the picture book collection (against the back storytime wall) filed under “Mother.”


I’ve pinned a bunch of cute crafts on Pintrest – check them out!


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