Family Storytime – Shapes! – Wednesday, October 9, 2013

We are covering another fundamental preschool concept this week – SHAPES!

Our Books:


Action Rhyme:


When I stretch up, I feel so tall.
When I bend down, I feel so small.
Taller, taller, taller, taller.
Smaller, smaller, smaller, smaller.
Into a tiny ball.


Make a Circle
(tune of Clemintine)

Make a circle, make a circle, draw it in the sky.
Use your finger, use your finger, make it round as a pie.

Make a square, make a square, make the lines so straight.
Draw a square, draw a square, draw one or draw eight.

Draw a triangle, draw a triangle, always start at the top.
Make a tent, make a tent, use three lines and then stop.

Most young children learn their shapes pretty quickly, and it’s fantastic to hear the kids shouting out “Circle!” or “Square!” when we read books.  If your child has mastered naming the shapes, work with them to take their shape knowledge to the next level.  Try talking with them about the relationships between shapes.  How is a circle like an oval?  What do squares and triangles have in common? This higher-level thinking develops problem solving skills that your child will use for their rest of his life!

We will use felt shapes on the flannelboard for some fun shape play.  This is an activity you can easily do at home too!  Here are some simple directions to make a smaller, travel-size flannelboard (but you can easily adapt these instructions to other sizes as well).  Shapes are an easy and fun way to start your flannelboard collection.  Just use scraps of felt and cut out simple shapes.  Let your child’s imagination take over!

I do need to warn you, making flannelboards can be quite addicting!  If you make some, let me know!  I’d love to see your finished product!

Don’t forget to visit my Pintrest page for more ideas of how to add SHAPES into your child’s daily life.


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