Lapsit Storytime – Things that Go – Thursday, October 3, 2013

Cars!  Trucks!  Planes!  Trains!

Babies just love things that go!  And why shouldn’t they?  We see many things that go every day, so they are part of our routine.  Some things that go are for special times, like airplanes or trains.  Regardless of how we use them, things that go are an exciting part of baby’s world!

Our books this week are:

This week’s bounce rhyme:

Two Little Boats

Two little boats are on the sea
All is calm as calm can be
Gently the wind begins to blow
Two little boats rock to and fro.
Loudly the wind begins to shout.
Two little boats are tossed about.
Gone is the wind, the storm, the rain.
Two little boats sail on again.

We will also be singing Row, Row, Row Your Boat and shaking our maracas to Laurie Berkner’s Little Red Caboose.

For more ideas to go along with the Things that Go theme, check out our Pintrest page!  I will be pinning craft ideas, sensory play, activities and more!


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