Family Storytime – Things that Go! – Wednesday, October 2, 2013

This week, we are doing stories about “things that go.”  Kids just love this theme, perhaps because we see different types of transportation everywhere we go.

We will start storytime with a simple sorting game with magnetic pieces.  Does it drive on the ground?  Does it fly in the air?  Does it go in the water?  The kids are always very good at this game, but there are one or two items that can stump them.  Let’s see if you know which ones they are.  🙂

Our books this week are:


Our action rhyme this week is:

I Am A Choo Choo Train

I am a choo choo traain
chugging down the track.
First I go forward,
Then I go back.
Now my bell is ringing.
Hear my whistle blow.
What a lot of noise I make
Everywhere I go!

We will also be singing The Wheels on the Bus and dancing to Laurie Berkner’s Little Red Caboose.  Be sure to talk with your child about things that go.  How did you get to the library today?  What did you see in the sky or on the road on your way home?

As a note, The Bus for Us by Suzanne Bloom is the 2013 PA One Book.  For more information about this program visit


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